Stalker Squad 28mm

Our client Max Z from Germany painted the 3D printed miniatures designed by TurnBase Miniatures.

Normandy Commercial Passage

The miniature buildings were 3D printed by us, and Joe provided the finishing touches, including plaster and paintwork. Joe is also known on Twitter as @Joe_Wargamer.


Gustav Haug successfully completed a project involving 3D printing and painting miniature wargame buildings utilizing our STL files.

Normandy Village Volume 1

Jusk 3d printed these buildings for his Bolt Action games using our STLs and painted them himself.

At Patrick Miniatures, we pride ourselves in curating and manufacturing top-notch 3D printed miniatures for Tabletop Wargames and RPGs. From minifigures to vehicles and terrain, each product is thoughtfully created with meticulous attention to detail. Whether you're a seasoned gamer or just starting out, our licensed and self-designed products will surely ignite your passion for immersive gameplay.

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Patrick Miniatures initially introduced Tabletop Wargaming Terrain that is personally designed. Here, we present our handpicked assortment of the most sought-after products that we have developed over time.

Our Best Selling Terrain

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Best known for our wide range of miniatures designed specifically for the tactical game Zona Alfa, we also offer an impressive selection of historically accurate terrain pieces, with a particular emphasis on World War II in Normandy. Moreover, our ever-expanding collection of Cyberpunk Miniatures, Sci-Fi minis, and galactic war-themed minifigures represents just the first step towards providing a considerably larger selection of 3D printed wargaming terrain.

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