Patrick Miniatures was founded in 2020 with the goal of designing and 3D printing tabletop wargaming terrain in-house, with a focus on World War II and post-apocalyptic Soviet architecture for games like Zona Alfa.

After obtaining our first 3D resin printer, we began printing modern combat minifigures under the license of Albino Raven Miniatures. Today, Patrick Miniatures curates a wide range of designers and manufactures licensed high-quality 3D printed miniatures, including minifigures, combat vehicles, and exclusive terrain, all made in-house.

Patrick Miniatures is known for its distinct offering of 3D printing solid one-piece miniature designs that form the basis for 28mm scale miniatures. The miniatures are then scaled to 20mm and 32mm, ensuring that they are comparable to those from popular mainstream brands. This process is lengthy and challenging, and not many would choose to undertake it.

Patrick Miniatures is led by a dynamic duo, Patrick and Monica, who are driven to grow the company and bring their passion for miniatures to a wider audience. With an eye towards expansion, they are dedicated to building a strong, talented team to help take their business to new heights.

Our move to a new location in the heart of Strausberg in December 2023 marks an exciting milestone for us as we continue to expand our catalog and enhance our manufacturing capabilities.



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