Russian PMC Team - Five - Modern Wargaming Miniatures for Tabletop RPG - 20mm / 28mm / 32mm Scale Minifigures

Scale: 20mm (1/72)
Sale price$13.00

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Alles super, gute Qualität :) Die Lieferun...

Alles super, gute Qualität :)
Die Lieferung war unglaublich schnell.

Again, this a great dealer in quality mini...

Again, this a great dealer in quality miniatures.

Happy with quality of the product.

Happy with quality of the product.


I ordered this set and 6 others, not a single broken piece, everything has sharp detail, fully cured, fully cleaned. Every set was in a plastic bag, each figure individually wrapped in paper.

looking at the PKP with suppressor, that is one long weapon, but barrel on it is perfectly straight and unbroken. Looks like special care was taken to make sure all the longer barrel (AK-74M or longer) weapons were straight.

Out of maybe 40 figures, only 2 weapons (AKS-74U sized) were a little off, its not really noticeable though due to the short barrel, and I imagine heating the mini up and letting it cool will fix that.

Overall super impressive quality printing.

5 of the other sets were also TurnBase Miniatures and these look really nicely deigned, seems like they look better in print then they do in the render, even w/o primer.

Kevin Chappell Veum
Excellent detail and quality! I'm happy w...

Excellent detail and quality! I'm happy with this product.


The Russian Private Military Company is equipped with a DMR, a sniper rifle, LMG, and two AK's.
Looking for fresh and detailed 28mm and 32mm figures for your modern or Sci-fi RPG wargames on your tabletop, look no further!
3d printed with the latest generation of resin printers to assure the highest possible quality.

28mm Scale is compatible with games like Zona Alfa, or Spectre Operations from Spectre Miniatures.

Whereas the 32mm Scale is compatible with tabletop games like; Fallout: Wasteland Warfare to Cyberpunk RED

⭐ Material: UV Cured Photopolymer
⭐ One Piece Figures
⭐ Available in 3 scales.

📏20mm (1/72)
📏28mm (1/56)
📏32mm (1/50)

Contains 5 Minifigures and 5 (25mm) bases.

🚨 These mini's are once-piece figures.
The included 25mm base is separate, you can use your own.
Miniatures can be broken if mishandled.

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1. fair budget (no tracking, no insurance).
2. big-budget (with tracking + insurance).

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The Minifigures are not the end product, they require additional preparation.
This is not a toy intended for kids.

Figures designed and licensed by TurnBase Miniatures

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