I've created this FAQ page to answer the most common questions and concerns. What scale are your STL files?
All the models are 28mm (1/56) out of the box. 
Can I scale them up or down?
Yes you can. The models are designed to be printed as well in 1/100 Scale. You can use the following measurement in your slicer like CURA to match popular scales.
  • 100% - 28mm (1/56) 
  • 77,77% - 20mm (1/72)
  • 64% - HO (1/87)
  • 56% - 15mm (1/100)
What 3D printer do I need?
The models are designed to print in FDM (Filament) Due to the size, models in 28mm will require a printer with a print bed of 20cm x 20cm. If you intend to print for smaller scales like 15mm that's around 56% smaller than it's the original form, you can get away with a smaller print bed.
Can I print in resin?
This is not tested by me, but most probably smaller scale like 15mm should work well. However keep in mind that I do not offer support for resin printing, you do this at your own risk.
Do your models require assembly?
Most of my models do not require assembly, this is 100% true for all the buildings. For example, the wire mast and the bobbins spool from the welcome pack do require assembly due to the design making support less printing possible.
Do you provide a free sample?
Yes I do, you can get the free sample here (Link)
When I join Patreon do I get all your past work/releases?
No, You only get access to the files that were released the month you subscribed. However, if you’d like to get STLs from past releases you can find them at my Web Shop.
Does your Patreon have a back catalog?
No. Past releases go onto my Webshop. (link)
Does your Patreon have a ‘Welcome Pack’?
Yes, it is an ever-growing WW2 Normandy Pack!
Why can’t I access the files from the previous month?
Once the month is over, I take the links down and post the new release. You can contact me If you were billed for a previous release, but did not get the files.
What happens if I lose my files or forget to download them?
Contact me and I’ll get the files to you ASAP! I totally understand that sometimes life gets hectic or something terrible happens. Please try to double-check that you got all the files. As Patreon grows, I do find myself spending more time doing this for folks. The more time I spend dealing with file management, the less time I spend sculpting ;)
Do I get both months if I join in the middle of the night at the end of the month?
No. You get the releases you are billed for. If you are billed at the end of the month when the link is down, contact me and I’ll get things sorted out ASAP.
Can I sell your models?
No, everything is for personal use. You are not allowed to sell the STL files, nor 3D printed models. I also don't have any plans to set up a merchant tier/merchant license for Patreon. If things change, I'll announce it, inform patrons and update this answer. For further legal information please read my (Terms & Conditions).
Can I 3d print for my friends?
I have no problem if you print my files for your friends, however, this must be limited and no commercial profit my be made from using my designs. If your friend pays you for the used filament that is then fine.
Can I remix your files?
No, you're not allowed to make any modifications without my knowledge first. Please contact me prior you want to make changes to the models. For further legal information please read my (Terms & Conditions).


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