US Paratroopers Rifle Squad Alpha - 28mm Wargaming Minifigures - Compatible with WW2 Tabletop Games like Bolt Action

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John Werle
U.S. paratrooper squad alpha

The figures are very clear they will be very easy to paint and I really like the poses. Should be a breeze to paint. Arrived very nicely cleaned up and ready to base and prime. These are clearly 3D breed the legs are a little shorter than you would expect but that helps them to blend in with your standard heroic 28mm figures. One thing that did surprise me was they do not come with a bar in any of the paratroop packs.


⭐ 3D Resin Print
⭐ One Piece Figures
⭐ High-Quality Sculpt
⭐Compatible with Popular Tabletop WarGames
⭐Made in Germany - Shipping World-Wide

Contains 7 Minifigures and 7 bases.

🚨 These mini's are once-piece figures.
The 28mm figures come with a separate 25mm base.

The Minifigures are not the end product, they require additional preparation, priming, and painting.
This is not a toy intended for kids.

🚚All orders are shipped from Germany.
Customs fees and import duties are the responsibility of the customer.

🗽Figures designed and licensed by 3D Breed Miniatures

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