Modular Factory - Tabletop Wargaming WW2 Terrain | Miniature 3D Printed Model | Flames of War - Chain of Command

Scale: 28mm (1/56)
Sale price€40,95

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Customer Reviews

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Matt Kreiger
Seller has a full range of excellent model...

Seller has a full range of excellent models. However, there is a quite a lead time as they are from Germany. Plan accordingly.


Great printing - not perfect fit but very nice piece of terrain. Delivery took a month and still waiting for an order made 6 weeks ago…,

Stefan Hand
Gute Qualität, entspricht voll meinen Erwa...

Gute Qualität, entspricht voll meinen Erwartungen.

Cody Emard
Great quality product and fast shipping!

Great quality product and fast shipping!

John Rowe
Beautiful terrain piece. Excellent design...

Beautiful terrain piece. Excellent design and nicely printed. Carefully packed.


Looking to expand your WW2 Europe terrain with highly detailed buildings for tabletop wargames like Bolt Action or Chain of Command, look no further. The Factory Hall is a fairly large 3d Printed building, consisting of several elements. Created with WW2 in mind, though it still will find more modern scenarios for Cold Wars games and WW3 like Team Yankee. Although not typical soviet era style, this Factory Hall can fit well in Zona Alfa or other post-apocalyptic scenarios.

The set consists of only one building and it comes with 3 parts, ground level, floor level, and a roof. A second building can be bought additionally and turned backward to create a row as in the last image.

All buildings are unpainted and unprimed. I do the cleanup, but some tiny fibers may still be present. It may come in grey or black. Each building is created from stackable sections as shown in the images.

Available in 3 scales.
📏15mm (1/100)
📏20mm (1/72)
📏28mm (1/56)

⭐Accurately modeled with passion by a fellow gamer
⭐Fully 3D Printed Miniature
⭐Material that I use is PLA (Bioplastic)
⭐Made in Germany
⭐Fast shipping within Europe
⭐You don’t like the product. I accept returns

Don't miss out!

This is not a toy.
Not suitable for children under 12 years of age.
Mini-figure not included, only for size showcase present in the picture.

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