Bauform 58C Tobruk German Bunker - Digital Download .STL File for 3D Printing

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Commonly seen in Normandy as part of the Atlantic Wall Defence line. If you're planning on creating a defense line for your wargaming games, then this iconic structure is unmissable on your tabletop.

At its original size, one 28mm Minifigure holding a rifle can be fit in; see the fourth and fifth image preview of the real print done by me.

This printable wargaming terrain is easy and quick to print, check out the CURA slicer screenshot. You will need to set the infill to at least 20%.

It comes in two different variations, damaged and brand new.

This is a digital (STL) file for printing at home.

Designed for FDM printers and delivered as a set of .STL files in a .ZIP.

The files are set at 28mm (1/56) scale, but it can be easily scaled up or down to (1/120).

Due to the unreturnable nature of the product, no refunds on digital goods. STL files are for personal use only; for more info about STL files terms and conditions, read here.