ZONA ALFA Pripyat Apartment Tower Typ1 - 28mm RPG Miniatures Gaming Terrain

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The center of your deserted town, use it as your base or strategic point of interest. Looking to expand your post-apocalyptic Soviet era with commie-style wargaming terrain for games like ZONA ALFA? Look no further, we at Patrick Miniatures are constantly designing our own pieces exclusive for our store.

The base model includes four levels: 1x Ground Level, 2x Apartments Level, and 1x Roof Section
Additional Apartment levels can be stacked on top of 6 or more storeys Chernobyl Style Apartments. In Germany, these types of buildings are called Plattenbau, In Poland Wielka Plyta and in Czechoslovakia Panelak.

This Tabletop Wargaming miniature model is accurately modeled by me personally. Inspired by the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone Ideal for 28mm Miniature Games like Zona Alfa.

If you need the STL files only; 

The images display the 28mm (1/56) scale miniature model including the dimension. The item is unpainted and unprimed. I do the cleanup, but some tiny fibers may still be present.

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⭐Accurately modeled with passion by a fellow gamer.
⭐Fully 3D Printed Miniature
⭐Material that I use is PLA (Bioplastic)
⭐Made in Germany
⭐Fast shipping within Europe
⭐You don’t like the product. I accept returns

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This is not a toy.
Not suitable for children under 12 years of age.
Mini-figure not included, only for size showcase present in the picture.