Steel Hearts Brunette Cyber Wear - Sexy Pin-Up Fan Art - 3D Resin Print Figure - 75mm Scale

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This Sexy Resin Figurine Model has a great level of detail and is ideal for a diorama or as a display statue. This pinup miniature is a creation for those with a greater fantasy sensibility.

It's also an excellent gift for him!

This model is 3D printed with the latest generation of resin printers to ensure the highest possible quality. Our extensive experience in supporting models for resin printing will ensure that there won't be any numbs, holes, or marks around essential areas on your future paint and display project.

For scale measuring, please consult the attached scale chart image.

Patrick3DFigures is a sub-brand of Patrick Miniatures for everything outside their more realistic range. We curate and manufacture in-house licensed, high-quality 3D-printed miniatures ranging from Minifigures to Combat Vehicles to exclusive Terrain.

Miniatures can be broken if mishandled.

⭐ Material: Resin
⭐ High-Quality 3D Print
⭐ Available in 1 scale.

📏75mm (1/24)

🚨 All the figures are one-piece minis, what you see is what you get. No sprues, no parts, no supports, except for some very minor ones, but nothing too big to handle. The bases are separate though. The minis are cleaned and cured and do not need to be primed, any type of acrylic paint will do the job.
Miniatures can be broken if mishandled.

🚚 We're shipping WORLD-WIDE with German post. 🌎
With tracking and priority.

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The Minifigures are not the end product, and they require additional preparation.
This is not a toy intended for kids.

This model is designed and sculpted by very talented Z Kino.

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