Bauform 58C Tobruk - Atlantic Wall Pillbox Bunker - 15mm 20mm 28mm Tabletop Wargaming Terrain

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A set of two authentic machine gun positions to stop invading armies. Whenever your army's tasks are to guard the coastline, hill lines, bridges, or other important locations, pillboxes are essential on your tabletop battlefield. Modeled after authentic Bauform 58C Tobruk that can be still seen today on the beaches of the D-Day invasion.

Sold as a Set of Two.

One Tobruk is has battle damage and the second is clean. The tops are interchangeable, if you consider buying two sets, you can make four different variations.
A single 28mm and 20mm figure will fit inside and be able to duck out.

This Tabletop Wargaming miniature model is accurately modeled by me personally. It is inspired by the bunkers from Utah Beach and those from the Dutch coastline I explored as a teenager.

The images display the 28mm (1/56) scale miniature model. The item is unpainted and unprimed. I do the cleanup, but some tiny fibers may still be present.

⭐Accurately modeled with passion by a fellow gamer.
⭐Fully 3D Printed Miniature
⭐Material that I use is PLA (Bioplastic)
⭐Made in Germany
⭐Fast shipping within Europe
⭐You don’t like the product. I accept returns

Don't miss out!

This is not a toy.
Not suitable for children under 12 years of age.
Mini-figure not included, only for size showcase present in the picture.