Your town needs this!
As part of the Dutch Town, a scatter pack that came late. I'm making this part of the welcome pack, so it is here to stay forever. The poster pole and the wall can be printed out of the box. For the Archway, you may consider adding supports at higher angles so that the top parts of the arch are kept supported.
The models are on the 28mm (1/56) scale. You can easily scale it down to 1/120.
I have tested this on my vanilla Ender 3 pro.
These standard settings should help you to print my models.
0.4 Nozzle
0.2 layer height
speed 50mm/s
Raft, I use it always for two reasons, adhesion and against elephant foot.
The Archway may need supports at higher angles for optimal bow curvature.
I use Cura for slicing; if you need help, don't hesitate to reach me. I'll do my best to help you out.
28mm - 1/56 (100% leave it as it is)
20mm - 1/72 (77.77%)
HO - 1/87 (64%)
15mm - 1/100 (56%)
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