Patreon the Last Release. (Arnhem Duo is here)

The Arnhen duo is finally ready for release after months of preparation.

This also marks a significant moment as I will be closing down this Patreon page. It has been relatively quiet over the past few months because most of my time has been dedicated to running the stores.

Thanks to all of you who have been patient and waited for new releases, it has been a great success. In the beginning, this support motivated me to create some amazing designs. However, these were more relaxed times, and I had more time to work on the clock and deliver something fantastic. Unfortunately, this has come to an end. Nevertheless, I will continue to design new buildings, but without the pressure of the Patreon page, I can choose what I like. Still, most of these designs will be for Bolt Action or Zona Alfa, and they will eventually be available in the store. In addition to this release, there will be a throwback, but I am not sure what to choose yet, and I need to decide quickly.

Please note that this page will become offline at the end of October, and all billing will be paused until then.

Thank you for your support and guidance in helping me understand what the best terrain is for you. I will continue to do this for a much longer time, just no longer as a patronage community.