Ongoing work
Over the last few weeks, I have been slicing up miniatures for 3D Printing. We added two new scale options a few weeks ago; 32mm and 20mm. Overnight we have 100 more sets to offer. Now all those Minifigures must be rescaled and prepared for 3d Printing. This is a long and tedious job.

Those familiar with Resin printing will know how painful the process of adding supports is. Yes, I do this task fully manually, I use the island finder in Lychee, but each support is added by hand. The process is slow and can do a limited number of figures a day because the program is fucking ass when you clone supported geometry. I'm slowly getting there, but more new items are being added to the shop. Our front store is the one on Etsy where you find the latest products added first. There is a reasonably large backlog to be added here and on eBay. I plan to spend tomorrow a whole day getting this done.

These new scales and items have consumed all my time designing new buildings. Patreon has been put on hold for one month. Although I have been able to create more recently, I will hopefully manage to release the Normandy Commerical building soon.

In the meantime, I added the Chappel.