New Month!
Phew!!!! February is over; it was a short and chaotic month, and I'm not yet ready to give you the March pack.

Dutch Houses. It is almost ready, and this week I will have the finished and published. The last couple of days that were normally planned to do this, I spend fixing print issues for the models that I sell on Etsy.

For a couple of weeks, I possess two Mars 2 Pro resin printers, which makes me think that I could also try to scale down these houses for a 6mm scale, though they may need some rework. On a 10mm scale, I can print them just as they are, but I need to check that it may look odd with all the supports and weight. I owe you a preview of this. As soon as one machine becomes available, I'll make a 10m test.

The poll result for April has been set! It was almost ww2-North African building, but you guys have spoken, so that I will work on Carentan! I'm so @◘$%& excited to work on that town as this was my teenage dream to recreate parts of that Carentan ever since watching Band of Brothers. I even attempted to create lego stop motion films but never got to that point.