July pack work has begun.
I hope you like my latest release. It was early March when I began working on it, and I finally got it done in mid-June. I screwed up my time by printing ten-scale figures through my other Etsy store. Those prominent figures come in parts, and everything that is pre-supported does not work for me, not give good results. So last few months, I wasted on slicing up those models. I admit they were selling well and looking good. But all this was drifting me away from my passion for miniatures for wargames. SO I decided to stop and reduce the portfolio to a range where I don't need to slice and know that they always print well.

I'm about to start working on the next pack. July pack!
This time, it is my choice what I will make for July. It will be something from the soviet era that you can drop on a cold war scenario in the east but also works excellent for zona alfa. I know that some may be disappointed with this. The poll for August I will start right after this post, and there will be a Normandy pack to choose from again.