Dutch Town - NOW without interior

This has been requested by the community and it was my fault to create a building with cool and cramped interiors exclusively. Now, this is very cool for 28mm players and railroad builders, but anyone who's playing flames of war or similar small scale I know they're cursing me.

SO as promised I have taken out the interiors.

The files are available for download for all Patreon members, follow this post. https://www.patreon.com/posts/51438961

Non-Patreon Members can buy the files which include both with and without the interiors directly from my store.


Those who want a ready-printed version can find it as well in my store. https://patrickminiatures.de/products/dutch-town-set-tabletop-wargaming-ww2-terrain-15mm-20mm-28mm-ho-miniature-3d-printed-model