3D Resin Printed 28mm Minifigures added to the store.

A couple of weeks ago, I began printing and selling 28mm Minifigures on Etsy and eBay. Though most of them are mainly helpful for modern wargaming, there are a few gems in between, especially ZONA ALFA players will love. Gasmaked teams, a Hazmat unit, and even a Zombified Hazmat squad will go along great with my Soviet Village set.

Albino Raven, who created the 3d files, has a rich library. Over the coming days and weeks, you will see me adding more items to this store.

Also, I'm so excited that finally, I got my hands on Star Wars Legion Minifigures that I'm allowed to print and sell. These 35mm minis will be added here shortly. Besides that, I'm thrilled that I will soon begin designing my 3D printable terrain for Legion.

Furthermore, I have been good on track with designing for my patreon members' printable bridges set. I'm sure you will love it too.
Well, that's it for now. I got some figures suspended and dripping resin that needs my attention. The regular working day is almost finished, so let me quickly do some more 3d designing.