Molotov Sexy Pin-Up - 3D Printed Minifigures for Fantasy Miniature Tabletop Games DND, Frostgrave 28mm / 32mm / 75mm

Scale: 28mm

3D-gedruckte Minifiguren sind normalerweise auf Lager und werden oft innerhalb von 48 Stunden versandt.

Das Gelände drucken wir auf Bestellung; Daher können die Bearbeitungszeiten je nach Auftragsvolumen variieren. Klicken Sie hier für weitere Informationen zu unseren Bearbeitungs- und Versandzeiten und -richtlinien.

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Great venture bris proxy, still think the...

Great venture bris proxy, still think the way her arc ended was bad

Excellent quality model, fast delivery and...

Excellent quality model, fast delivery and great customer service.

Great quality but seems a little smaller t...

Great quality but seems a little smaller than described

Great print and fast delivery

Great print and fast delivery

Top hit lady boss. Ok

Top hit lady boss. Ok


Were you looking for new and detailed 28mm and 32mm figures for your Miniature RPG Cyberpunk, Sci-fi, or Fantasy games like DnD, Stargrave, and Frontgrave on your tabletop? Look no further! Our collection of minis is 3D resin printed with quality and flexible UV hardening resin.

For scale measuring, please consult the attached Scale-chart image.

Patrick3DFigures is a sub-brand of Patrick Miniatures for everything that falls outside their more realistic range. We curate and manufacture in-house licensed; high-quality 3d printed miniatures ranging from Minifigures to Combat-Vehicles to exclusive Terrain.

⭐ Material: UV Cured Photopolymer
⭐ One Piece Figures
⭐ Available in 3 scales.

📏28mm (1/56)
📏32mm (1/50)
📏75mm (1/24)

Contains 1 Minifigure plus 1 base (base not included with 75mm variant).

🚨 All the figures are one-piece minis, what you see is what you get. No sprues, no parts, no supports, except for some very minor ones, but nothing too big to handle. The bases are separate though. The minis are cleaned and cured and do not need to be primed, any type of acrylic paint will do the job.
Miniatures can be broken if mishandled.

🚚 We're shipping WORLD-WIDE with German post. 🌎
Two Shipping options;
1. fair budget (no tracking, no insurance).
2. big-budget (with tracking + insurance).

📦 Picking up more items? Our automated formula combines shipping prices; final prices are shown on the checkout page.

SFW stands for "Safe for Work," while NSFW stands for "Not Safe for Work." These terms are typically used to describe content, including figurines, based on its appropriateness for viewing in professional or public settings.

SFW figurines are safe for all audiences, portraying non-explicit or non-sexual characters or objects from popular media without offending anyone.

NSFW figurines depict nudity, sexually suggestive poses, or explicit scenes, and are intended for mature audiences. They are not suitable for professional or public settings as they may be considered inappropriate or offensive.

Consider cultural standards and sensitivities when categorizing figurines as SFW or NSFW. Use discretion when showcasing or sharing and assess content suitability for audience and location.

This is not a toy for kids; ONLY INTENDED FOR ADULTS.

These Minifigures are designed and licensed by KTL Studio.

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