Heavy Stalkers Squad - 3D Printed Minifigure - Post Apocalyptic Miniature for Zona Alfa

Scale: 20mm

3D-gedruckte Minifiguren sind normalerweise auf Lager und werden oft innerhalb von 48 Stunden versandt.

Das Gelände drucken wir auf Bestellung; Daher können die Bearbeitungszeiten je nach Auftragsvolumen variieren. Klicken Sie hier für weitere Informationen zu unseren Bearbeitungs- und Versandzeiten und -richtlinien.

Digitale Download-Produkte (.STL) werden sofort geliefert.

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Amazing quality. Love the flexible resin....

Amazing quality. Love the flexible resin. It makes things like gun barrels way more durable. Thank you!

Patrick fertigt wunderschöne Figuren und v...

Patrick fertigt wunderschöne Figuren und versendet sie in atemberaubender Geschwindigkeit, sicher und liebevoll verpackt. Vor allem das breit aufgestellte Portfolio lässt, v.a. im Themenbereich Postapokalypse, keine Wünsche offen. Insofern ist Patricks Shop ein Must-have für alle leidenschaftlichen Sammler, Bemaler und Table-topper.

The poor mark for delivery was not the sel...

The poor mark for delivery was not the seller's fault - the UK's Royal Mail and Customs managed to take 5 weeks to process after the order was sent. Very happy with the miniatures and customer service

Sehr zufrieden, wie mit fast allen Bestell...

Sehr zufrieden, wie mit fast allen Bestellungen bei dem Anbieter. Kundenservice wird nicht bewertet, da nicht in Anspruch genommen

Super cool post apocalyptic miniatures!

Super cool post apocalyptic miniatures!


Greetings, fellow Miniature Tabletop Player! If you're in search of finely detailed 28mm and 32mm Minifigures for your Post Apocalyptic tabletop wargames like Zona Alfa, Project Z or Zombicide, then look no further! Our minis are crafted by talented artists worldwide and undergo a final check to ensure that their scales are correct. They are 3D printed with top-quality resin by Patrick Miniatures to guarantee the utmost durability. Our miniature heroes are meticulously packed to withstand even the most arduous journeys to distant, tiny battlefields.

Our 28mm Scale is compatible with various games, including but not limited to Zona Alfa, Black Ops, Skirmish Sangin, Force on Force, Chain of Command, and Spectre Operations from Spectre Miniatures.

The 32mm Scale can serve as a proxy for tabletop games like Zombiecide, Fallout: Wasteland Warfare, and Cyberpunk RED.

Here at Patrick Miniatures, we take pride in curating and manufacturing licensed, high-quality 3d printed miniatures that range from Minifigures to Combat-Vehicles to exclusive Terrain.

⭐ Material: UV Cured Photopolymer
⭐ One Piece Figures
⭐ Available in 3 scales.

📏20mm (1/72)
📏28mm (1/56)
📏32mm (1/50)

Contains 4 Minifigures and 4 (25mm) bases.

🚨 These miniatures come as one-piece figures, meaning you get exactly what you see without any extra parts, sprues, or supports. Although there are some minor supports, they are easy to handle. The bases are separate from the figures, but they are already cleaned and cured and do not require priming. It's important to handle them with care, as they can break if mishandled.

🚚 We're shipping WORLD-WIDE with German post. 🌎
Two Shipping options;
1. fair budget (no tracking, no insurance).
2. big-budget (with tracking + insurance).

📦 Are you thinking about purchasing more items? Don't worry about shipping costs, our advanced algorithm will calculate and combine them for you. The final prices will be displayed on the checkout page.

Figures are not the final product as they need additional preparation. This is not a toy intended for children.

Figures designed and licensed by TurnBase Miniatures

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