Chernobyl Town Pripyat Sign Display Miniature, 3D Print Statue Souvenir Model

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Whenever you’re a big fan of the Chernobyl HBO Show or Stalker Computer Games, like myself, this ornament is indispensable on display in your home.

The miniature is the ultimate symbol of expressing your fascination in the 1986 Chernobyl Disaster.

The model represents the Pripyat Town Sign (Ghost Town), as it is today.

The miniature model comes in different colors. The painted version is hand-painted by myself.

The overall length of the ornament is 175mm and 65mm in height

⭐Accurately modeled with passion by an enthusiast
⭐This Pripyat Town Sign is Fully 3D Printed
⭐Material that I use is PLA (Bioplastic)
⭐Made in Germany
⭐Fast Shipping within Europe
⭐You don’t like the product. I accept returns

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Q: Are there any other colors?
A: Yes, I can print or paint in any color you want. Ask me, for example.

Q: Do you or will you have other Landmarks from Chernobyl?
A: Yes, I’m in the process of designing other landmarks for the Zone. Check out my blog here for Updates.

This product is not a toy, for decorative use only.