Polish Village Volume 1 - Digital Download .STL Files for 3D Printing

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This month's pack is by far the most personal package ever designed from Historical and Modern combat operation games as well games like Zona Alfa. DS T1 and DS T2 are my memories from my childhood; in fact, these buildings still exist. It was told that they had been built around the time Poland was Prussian. I come from Gdynia, and during my walks to the sea (Orlowo), I passed a small village. SS T1 is a building that I created from my mind, I have no reference to stick to. On the other hand, the Chapel used references, but I aimed to recreate a paper model church that my teacher in elementary school gave as a gift to build. The chapel comes in two variations, intact and destroyed.

3D Printed miniatures in 15mm, 20mm, and 28mm scales are also available in my store.

At least a 20cm x 20cm bed is recommended for 28mm printing.
No assembly is required unless differently stated.

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This is a digital (STL) file for printing at home.

Designed for FDM printers and delivered as a set of .STL files in a .ZIP.

The files are set at 28mm (1/56) scale, but it can be easily scaled up or down to (1/120).

We highly recommend SUNLU PLA. This filament is the same that we're using to print physical models for our clients.

Due to the unreturnable nature of the product, no refunds on digital goods. STL files are for personal use only; for more info about STL files terms and conditions, read here.