Polish Village Set (VOLUME 1) - Tabletop Wargaming WW2 Terrain | Miniature 3D Printed Model | Flames of War

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Looking to expand your WW2 Europe terrain with highly detailed buildings for tabletop wargames like Bolt Action or Chain of Command as well games like Zona Alfa. DS T1 and DS T2 are my memories from my childhood; in fact, these buildings still exist. It was told that they had been built around the time Poland was Prussian. I come from Gdynia, and during my walks to the sea (Orlowo), I passed a small village. SS T1 is a building that I created from my mind, I have no reference to stick to. On the other hand, the Chapel used references, but I aimed to recreate a paper model church that my teacher in elementary school gave as a gift to build. The chapel comes in two variations, intact and destroyed.

The set contains Four buildings that are otherwise separately available. Buying as a Village set is giving you the best offer.
PV-D-Chapel (Intact and/or Destroyed)

The above-mentioned buildings are as well available separately.

All buildings are unpainted and unprimed. I do the cleanup, but some tiny fibers may still be present. It may come in grey or black. Each building is created from stackable sections as shown in the images.

Available in 3 scales.
📏15mm (1/100)
📏20mm (1/72)
📏28mm (1/56)

⭐Accurately modeled with passion by a fellow gamer
⭐Fully 3D Printed Miniature
⭐Material that I use is PLA (Bioplastic)
⭐Made in Germany
⭐Fast shipping within Europe
⭐You don’t like the product. I accept returns

Don't miss out!

This is not a toy.
Not suitable for children under 12 years of age.
Mini-figure not included, only for size showcase present in the picture.